5 Things to Keep in Mind for Online EPF Withdrawal

Provident Fund is a term that is familiar to people with jobs but they are not aware of the rules when they need to withdraw a few rupees from this fund. In this article, we are attempting to understand the online withdrawal process in five easy steps.

Now it has become very easy to withdraw money from provident funds (withdrawal of the online EPF) That process has gone online completely. Each worker has a Universal Account Number. With the help of UAN number, all work is done easily. If an employee transfers from one company to another, the account and balance are transferred using UAN number. Usually, in the salary slip, the employee’s UAN number is entered. Be the first to switch on UAN.

5 Things to Keep in Mind for Online EPF Withdrawal

If money is withdrawn from the provident fund online, then first it must be checked whether or not the UAN number is active. The salary slip will feature the UAN number. Go to the EPFO website where you have been given the Activate UAN option. Upon clicking, a page will open. Here you have to fill in some detail, like Aadhaar number, PAN number, name, date of birth after which it becomes operational.

Must have a link with UAN-Aadhaar.

Aadhaar number is required to be connected to UAN and reviewed for withdrawal online. If you don’t have a UAN-Aadhaar link then the UMANG mobile app will do this job easily. With OTP ‘s support, UAN numbers and Aadhaar numbers are easily connected in the Umang app.

You can update your account.

Your bank account has a connection to UAN. You need to go to the EPFO website if you wish to change this. You have to select the KYC option in the Manage tab. Save it after upgrading the details in there. You should change your own bank account.

The mobile number updated required.

If you are withdrawing online then updating your mobile number is very important. Whether it’s connecting mobile number to Aadhaar, linking mobile number to a bank account or linking mobile number to UAN number. As the OTP may be required in the online process anywhere. In such a case, keeping the mobile number link with Aadhaar and UAN active is required.

OTP will appear on the number registered with Aadhaar.

Following all this, go to the EPFO website now. Log in with a password and UAN number. Click the Question button in the Online Services button. You’ll need to fill in your bank account details on the new tab. After verification of the account, the terms and conditions must be confirmed. Finally, click on ‘Online Claim Proceed.’ Here they will ask the reason for removal. The OTP will be forwarded to the Aadhaar registered mobile number after completion of the entire process. Your submission was submitted after you have applied for OTP.

A claim can also follow through.

The track claim status option comes on the EPFO website itself after the application is submitted. It happens in the category of Online Services. You can track your claim here.


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