Google Pixel 4 Gets Security Update Trouble for Face Unlock

Google Pixel 4 implemented an advanced system of facial recognition that serves as the main means of authentication for the handset. Nonetheless, after the last few Android security patches, it seems that some Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL users are now facing problems with the face unlock feature.

On the official Pixel support forum as well as Reddit, multiple reports of vexed Pixel 4 users have surfaced online, detailing the face unlock problem, but a concrete solution has yet to be discovered. The phone simply does not recognize their face for some users, while others receive notifications that they need to re-register their face data.

For Pixel 4 users, who wrote about it on multiple platforms, the problem has presented itself in various forms. In some instances, after the January security update was applied, the face unlock system simply stopped working. And when users attempt to wipe out existing face data, they are reported to see an error message “Can not verify face.” They abruptly began receiving system notifications for some users to ask them to re-register their face, despite the fine functioning face unlock.

Google Pixel 4 Users Receive Face Unlock Error Message

But after wiping out the existing data, when users tried to re-register their face, they got a “Can’t verify face. Try again message. The failure of face unlock records in both the attempt to unlock the phone or in apps. The question is not widespread. However, only a small number of people on their Pixel 4 seem to be facing the issue of face recognition. Ironically, resetting the factory would enable the face unlock system to work on their Pixel 4 again. The approach does not seem to work for all users, however.

Users receive error messages on their Pixel 4, depending on the stage in which they are. Some of the affected users also posted notification screenshots. It state “Face reorganization didn’t work.”

Also, a reboot restores the face unlock feature to normal again, but neither does this solution work for all users. Google is still officially acknowledging the problem and providing a patch for it. However, Pixel 4 users ‘ complaints are under examination by the company and could resolve soon.




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