H1B Visa Fees Increased By 21%, L1 Visa By 85%

US Govt has now raised the H1B visa application fees along with L-1 visa fees in a major setback to Indian techies who are already battered because of the H1B visa ban. The rates were raised by up to 75%. Find out what you need to pay for applying for US work visas now.

The Homeland Security Department, which includes U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, has confirmed that the visa processing fees have been raised for both H1B and L1. While the H1B visa application fees were increased by 21%, the L1 visa application fees were increased by 75%. H1B is a work visa, while L1 is an inter-company transfer visa, which is also in high demand. H1B visa processing fees used to be $460, now $555, a 21 per cent rise.

Originally, the visa application fee for L1 was $460, now raised to $850, an increase of 85%. The new fees are expected to begin in October 2020. IT businesses that have more than 50 employees. Also, already have more than 50 per cent of employees on the visa. It will have to pay an extra $4000 per visa extension.

The US Govt has banned all work visas and green card applications to protect American workers. USCIS is receiving visa applications that are less and almost negligible. And USCIS is that department of Govt, which is not funded by any external funding. Also, its fees are the main source of revenue. Because their source of revenue has ended, to compensate. It is for the loss, USCIS has agreed to increase the visa and L1 visa fees. In fact, as of now, they ‘re feeling under a $1 billion loss.


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