How to Open E-Aadhaar Card with Few Steps?

A 12 digit identification number issued by the Indian Exclusive Authority of Identification (UIDAI) i.e. Aadhaar Number is now proving very useful in the country for all forms of services. However, carrying the Aadhaar card all the time is not easy, because there is a fear of losing it. You can get much more support in such a situation through E-Aadhaar. UIDAI lets holders of Aadhaar cards access the E-Aadhaar File. However, you’ll need a password once you access e-Aadhaar. You can not open E-Aadhaar Card pdf file without this password.

The password of each Aadhaar card holder is special, too, according to the details available on the UIDAI website. India’s Unique Identification Authority states that if you wish to access the E-Aadhaar Card, you must enter the year of birth with the first four letters of your name as your password. It should be noted here that in block letters ie (capital letters) in English the first four letters of the name should be in.

For example, Aadhar card holder Suresh Kumar (Suresh Kumar) downloaded his Aadhaar card and if he wants to open that file now, then he has to add the year of his birth along with SURE. If Suresh Kumar was born in 1990 then the password for him would be SURE1990.

Look at these examples carefully:


Name: Sai Kumar (SAI KUMAR)

Year of birth: 1990

Password: SAIK1990


Name: P. Kumar

Year of birth: 1990

Password: P.KU1990


Name: Riya (RIA)

Year of birth: 1990

Password: RIA1990

How to download E-Aadhaar (How to Download E-Aadhaar)

You will log in to the official UIDAI website to access the E-Aadhaar Passport. The ‘Download Aadhaar’ option will then be available in the base section after this. Now pick and enter one of the Aadhaar numbers, identification numbers or virtual ID’s. Click Submit OTP after this. Once the OTP is checked, you’ll be given the option to download the Aadhaar token.


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