India COVID Cases Go Up! 9,887 New Cases Reported in One Day

India confirmed a record 9,887 new cases of coronavirus in one day on Saturday and overtook Italy as the sixth-biggest outbreak in the world, two days before a lockdown with the reopening of malls, restaurants and places of worship relaxed. India now has fewer infections with its total number of cases rising to more than 236,000 than just the United States, Brazil, Russia, Britain and Spain, according to a Reuters tally. India’s number of deaths from COVID-19, the virus-caused disease, is, even so, 6,642, small compared to those other countries.

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, eager to jump-start an economy ravaged by the disease. Also, get millions back to work, is relaxing its lockdown of the 1.3 billion population placed in March. Thus, the government says has helped prevent an exponential rise in cases. Restrictions will be loosened from Monday but there are some experts concerned that it will be too early. In particular, Giridhar R Babu, an epidemiologist with the Public Health Foundation of India, questioned the reopening of religious sites.

Concerts, sporting events, and political rallies are big no. Late on Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) said India’s lockdown had helped dampen the disease’s transmission. But there was a risk that the cases could rise again.

People ask to wash their hands and feet when visiting places of worship. Also, there will be no allocation of food offerings. Further, no sprinkling of holy water or trying to touch idols and holy books.


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