Modi Government’s Initiative Pradhan mantri kisan samman Nidhi scheme Benefits

It’s the Modi government’s initiative to get the benefit of the 6000 rupees PM Kisan scheme only to the real farmers, the government will remove the money wrongly taken. In Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme (Pradhan mantri kisan samman Nidhi scheme), the Modi government ‘s largest farmer scheme, there is every effort to maintain transparency. Money is also being withdrawn in the account of wrong individuals.

Another arrangement was made for cleaning everything up. Now, to check the beneficiaries’ eligibility, 5 per cent of farmers must be physically tested. The Ministry of Agriculture has said the verification process will be carried out under the leadership of the District Collector.

So be careful if you take money with the wrong stuff. Whether you will be caught in a 5 per cent physical search or you will be disqualified from your account otherwise. The government is working to get the money into the deserving people’s pockets. There is a verification method at the district level. The ministry wants this scheme’s nodal officers to monitor the verification process in the states regularly. An external agency could also be involved in this research, if it felt necessary. Only those who got benefits will be verified.

Government has withdrawn money from so many people , the Government has withdrawn the money from this scheme from the accounts of 1,19,743 beneficiaries from eight states until December 2019. Because the beneficiaries’ names and papers given to them did not suit. Therefore, the money exchange process was made harder by revising under the scheme. The verification process was adopted so that no such incident occurs again.

How will the verification happen?

Aadhaar verification of recipient data was made mandatory as well. If the agency concerned does not have similarity with Aadhaar in the data it receives, then the states or union territories concerned will have to enhance or alter the information of those beneficiaries.

The Agriculture Ministry of the Union has written a letter to the states saying that if the disqualified people get details about the benefits, then how their money will be returned. According to plan ‘s CEO, Vivek Agarwal, if such a major plan exists, then there is a potential for disruption.

If money is transferred to the ineligible people’s accounts, then Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) will withdraw that money. Banks must transfer the money into a separate account and return it to the government of the state. State governments will withdraw and deposit money from the ineligible into https:/ Once the next episode is published the names of those individuals will be deleted.

Know who will not get the benefit

  • The former or present constitutional post holder, present, former minister, mayor, district panchayat president, MLA, MLC, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MP will not get money, even if they are farming.
  • Officers in the Central or State Government and farmers receiving more than 10 thousand pensions are not benefited.
  • Professionals, doctors, engineers, CAs, lawyers, architects, whoever does farming, will not get any benefit.
  • Farmers who paid income tax in the last financial year will be deprived of this benefit.

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