Vinay Dube Becomes the New MD of Jet Airways

GoAir has named Vinay Dube as its new Managing Director. Dube who served as Jet Airways CEO at the time of its closure entered GoAir last October in an advisory role. At GoAir, he will be known for the airline’s management, as well as fulfilling the company’s priorities and long-term growth targets, the airline said in a statement Friday.

GoAir’s full time chief executive post has been vacant since last February following Cornelis Vrieswijk’s resignation. GoAir CEO Jeh Wadia kept the additional charge of Chief Executive Officer.

Wadia said in a statement that Vinay Dube experience in leading companies with more than 20,000 employees and continuously achieving margin expansion, profitability, and operational excellence while building world-class customer satisfaction systems is something GoAir would benefit from. He had served as senior vice president (Asia Pacific) at Delta Airlines before joining Jet Airways.

The group-owned Wadia airline conducts over 325 daily flights to 35 Indian and foreign destinations. The imminent challenge for Dube would be to simplify operations. Open up new opportunities and keep margins intact as airlines engage court customers in price wars.

The airline has been facing a challenge in recent weeks. This is due to delays in aircraft and spare engine deliveries resulting in flight cancellations. Also around New Year Eve, due to weakness in its crew rostering portion, the airline forced to cancel flights.




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