WhatsApp Launches Dark Mode for iPhone with New Beta Update

WhatsApp ultimately launched dark mode earlier this year for its Android app. And while the feature still restricts to beta testers, it’s a clear sign that it will soon be widely released via the stable channel. Up until now, however, iPhone users have been left out of the equation. That changes now, with the official release via the beta channel as dark for the iOS version of WhatsApp. As planned, the feature can be accessed as of now only by iPhone users who are members of the TestFlight beta testing program.

The new WhatsApp beta bearing the build number 2.20.20 ( finally introduces Dark mode according to a MacRumors post. Test notes from the latest WhatsApp for iOS beta mention the arrival of dark mode, indicating that in the near future the feature will make it for all users. We have also found a user post on the Reddit r / whatsapp, which confirms the introduction of dark mode with the beta version of the app v2.20.20. This particular build is apparently only compatible with iPhones running iOS 9 or later. A few accompanying screenshots also give us a glimpse of the mysterious UI overlay. This is with the dark mode allowing on the iOS client of WhatsApp.

But just to make it clear, we are talking about beta testing. It means that the final colour scheme and UI design for stable version may differ. It is what we see during the test phase. In case you’re curious to download WhatsApp’s beta build and try dark mode on your iPhone, you’re out of luck. Apple’s TestFlight beta build testing program is currently full. If you’re on the side of things with Android, though, here’s how you can activate dark mode on your computer.




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